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Counter Top Acrylic Eyewear/Sunglasses Displays

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 See our wire eyewear racks as a 1-sided or 2-sided counter top display or hanging display for slatwall and gridwall.
More acrylic eyewear and sunglasses displays can be found in our Acrylic Eyewear Display area.


Freestanding Eyewear Display

  • For 1, 2 or 3 Pairs of Glasses
Product ID Description/Color Height Price
1491 Freestanding Eyewear Display - 1 Pair 3" $5.88
1492 Freestanding Eyewear Display - 2 Pairs 6" $7.56
1493 Freestanding Eyewear Display - 3 Pairs 9" $9.48


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