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Showcase Pads

Showcase pads not only offer an elegant backdrop for jewelry and precious items but also help protect your finer merchandise from scratching or breaking.  Showcase pads are available in both standard and custom lengths.   The standard four (4) piece pad fits any of our "Sit Down" Jewelry Showcase sizes without clips.  Custom lengths are available for 20" wide display cases with or without clips.  The pads are available unfinished, in a rich suede cover or covered with a material provided by you.   



Showcase pads fit our sit down jewelry case or can be custom ordered for 20 inch wide showcases.

  • Standard or Custom Sizes
  • Available Unfinished, Rich Suede Covered or Customer Supplied Material Covering
  • Custom Length Fits 20" Wide Case With or Without Clips
Product ID Description Covering Price
SPASP-U Showcase Pads - Standard Unfinished $33.00
SPASP-CS Showcase Pads - Standard Customer Supplied Material $48.00
SPASP-RS Showcase Pads - Standard Rich Suede Priced on Request
SPASPC-U Showcase Pads - Custom Unfinished $18.00/ft.
SPASPC-CS Showcase Pads - Custom Customer Supplied Material $20.00/ft.
SPASPC-RS Showcase Pads - Custom Rich Suede Priced on Request


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