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Gridwall Hooks

Gridwall hooks are available in six (6) lengths and your choice of white, black or chrome.  These hooks are designed to display small hanging packages or light weight items.

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Gridwall hooks are available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch lengths in your color choice of white, black or chrome.

  • Gridwall Hooks Are Available in Five (5) Sizes
  • Three (3) Color Choices
  • Primarily Designed for Small Hanging Packages or Lightweight Items
Product ID


Color Length Price
14-002CH Gridwall Hook Chrome 2" $0.55
14-004CH Gridwall Hook Chrome 4" $0.57
14-006CH Gridwall Hook Chrome 6" $0.60
14-008CH Gridwall Hook Chrome 8" $0.64
14-010CH Gridwall Hook Chrome 10" $0.73
14-012CH Gridwall Hook Chrome 12" $0.74
14-002WH Gridwall Hook White 2" $0.55
14-004WH Gridwall Hook White 4" $0.57
14-006WH Gridwall Hook White 6" $0.60
14-008WH Gridwall Hook White 8" $0.64
14-010WH Gridwall Hook White 10" $0.73
14-012WH Gridwall Hook White 12" $0.74
14-002BL Gridwall Hook Black 2" $0.55
14-004BL Gridwall Hook Black 4" $0.57
14-006BL Gridwall Hook Black 6" $0.60
14-008BL Gridwall Hook Black 8" $0.64
14-010BL Gridwall Hook Black 10" $0.73
14-012BL Gridwall Hook Black 12" $0.74

Gridwall notch hooks are designed primarily for displaying light to medium weight merchandise.

  • The Notch Hook Can Display A Single Garment on a Hanger
  • Display Picture Frames Or Other Light to Medium Weight Product
  • Three (3) Color Choices
  • ** Picture displayed is a slatwall notch hook.  It is representative of, but not, the actual product.
Product ID


Color Length Price
14-000CH Gridwall Notch Hook Chrome -- $0.65
14-000WH Gridwall Notch Hook White -- $0.65
14-000BL Gridwall Notch Hook  Black -- $0.65


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