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Price and Merchant Message Signs

 We carry a large selection of message and discount signs to choose from.  The signs pictured here are bright red with white lettering and are also available in a traditional hunter green style with bright gold lettering.  These 7" x 11" signs are sure to capture your customers' attention!  Boldly advertise the value and savings you are passing on to your patrons with these eye-catching displays.  All cards are made of heavy, coated card stock and are sold individually.



Reduced for Clearance; Sale; 20% Off; 25% Off, and 50% Off Discount Signs

Product ID Description L x D x H Price
RMIMSA Red and White Sign 7" x 11" $1.80**
RMIMSAG Hunter Green and Gold Sign (not shown) 7" x 11" $1.80**


** Quantity Order Prices 6 12 24 48
Price Per Individual Sign






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