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Tagging Guns and Tails

We stock both standard and fine tagging guns and regular and fine filament tails for use with these guns.  The standard tagging gun is designed for long life and trouble free performance.  These tagging guns offer fast, jam-resistant operation for lower tagging costs.    The tails used with the tagging guns shown here must be cut for removal which nearly eliminates the chances of tags being switched.  The large tab end is reinforced making it impossible for potential "tag-switchers" to remove the price tag without breaking the fastener.

Standard Tagging Gun with pistol grip

  • Increases Security
  • Reliable
  • Pistol Grip
  • All Steel Needle Sold Separately
Product ID Description/Color Price
RET10651 Standard Tagging Gun $26.50
RETTG200 Regular Needle - 4 per pkg. $14.00

Fine fabric tagging gun with pistol grip.

  • For Delicate Fabrics
  • Smaller Diameter All Steel Needle and Tails
  • Pistol Grip
  • Perfect for Use with Fine Lingerie
Product ID Description/Color Price
RET10312 Fine Fabric Tagging Gun $31.95
RETTG250 Fine Needle -- 4 per pkg. $14.00

Tagging Tails

  • Tails For Regular and Fine Fabric Tagging Guns
  • Two (2) Sizes of Each Tail Type To Choose From
  • Hooks Hangers for Socks, Gloves, Hats
Product ID Description/Color  Length Quantity Price
RET06215 Regular Tails 3" 5,000 $10.00
RET10659 Regular Tails 1" 5,000 $10.00
RET08902 Hook Hanger 2" 2,500 $15.00
RET08/939 Fine Filament Tails 2" 5,000 $12.00
RET08/938 Fine Filament Tails 5,000 $12.50


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