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Slatwall Shelf Brackets

The slatwall shelf brackets pictured here are available in several lengths and color finishes.   We stock all styles of the slatwall knife brackets, adjustable brackets and clear polycarbonate brackets here.  

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Slatwall Knife bracket in five lengths and three color choices.

  • Straight (Knife) Bracket with Lip
  • Available In Five (5) Lengths
  • Three (3) Color Finish Choices
  • Accepts Shelf Rest and Bumpers for Glass Shelves
  • Works for Wood, Melamine and Duron™ Injection-Molded Shelves
Product ID Description/Color Length Color Price

Slatwall Knife Bracket

8" Chrome $2.75
23-028CH Slatwall Knife Bracket 10" Chrome $2.90
23-029CH Slatwall Knife Bracket 12" Chrome $3.10
23-030CH Slatwall Knife Bracket 14" Chrome $3.45
23-031CH Slatwall Knife Bracket 16" Chrome $3.70
23-027BL Slatwall Knife Bracket 8" Black $2.75
23-028BL Slatwall Knife Bracket 10" Black $2.90
23-029BL Slatwall Knife Bracket 12" Black $3.10
23-030BL Slatwall Knife Bracket 14" Black $3.45
23-031BL Slatwall Knife Bracket 16" Black $3.70
23-027WH Slatwall Knife Bracket 8" White $2.75
23-028WH Slatwall Knife Bracket 10" White $2.90
23-029WH Slatwall Knife Bracket 12" White $3.10
23-030WH Slatwall Knife Bracket 14" White $3.45
23-031WH Slatwall Knife Bracket 16" White $3.70

Slatwall adjustable shelf bracket can be positioned in five different angles.

  • Adjustable Shelf Bracket Allows Shelves To Be Positioned at Five (5) Different Angles:  50°, 70°, 80°, 90° and 110°
  • Available In 10, 12" and 14" Lengths
Product ID Description/Color Length Color Price
23-032CH Slatwall Adjustable Shelf Bracket 10" Chrome $3.85

Slatwall Adjustable Shelf Bracket

12" Chrome $4.32
23-034CH Slatwall Adjustable Shelf Bracket 14" Chrome $4.48

Polycarbonate shelf bracket for use with slatwall

  • Shelf Bracket for Slatwall
  • Made of Clear Polycarbonate
  • Comes with Two (2) Vinyl Suction Cups To Hold Glass Shelves Securely
Product ID Description/Color Length Color Price

Slatwall Polycarbonate Shelf Bracket

6" Clear $1.23
23-036CL Slatwall Polycarbonate Shelf Bracket 10" Clear $2.30
23-037CL Slatwall Polycarbonate Shelf Bracket 12" Clear $2.50
23-042CL Slatwall Polycarbonate Shelf Bracket 14" Clear $2.70


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