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Alcove Mirrors

Alcove Mirrors are available with (free-standing) or without stands.   The center mirror frame is 20" x 60" and the wing mirror frames are 18" x 60".   The mirrors are full length and distortion free.   The mirror wings are equipped with tension control to assure preferred placement.  



Free Standing Alcove Mirror 

  • Anodized Aluminum Frame

  • " Plate Glass

  • Full Length Piano Hinges (AC2018)

  • Adjustable Stops

  • Stands Equipped with Levelers

  • Wings Equipped with Tension Control

Product ID Description L x D x H Price
SPAAC2018 Wall Hanging Alcove - Three Way   $393.00
SPAAC2018B Free Standing Alcove - Three Way   $467.00
SPAM246 Individual Mirror 24" x 60" $167.00
SPAM226 Individual Mirror 22" x 60" $161.00
SPAM206 Individual Mirror 20" x 60" $156.00
SPAM186 Individual Mirror 18" x 60" $149.00


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